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The most basic composition of a set of steering gear should be include the Mechanical energy to hydraulic power unit, hydraulic pressure to the steering gear rotation control of rudder and hydraulic tubing. The power unit can be a simple manual pump operation, and can also be controlled by the oil pump, hydraulic station, etc.. The steering mechanism can be pushed by one hydraulic cylinder, and can also be pushed by the two hydraulic cylinders.
Working Principle:The pump make low pressure oil to high pressure from the oil by connecting tubing and steering cylinder to form a closed hydraulic circuits, Through the control valve change the oil pressure and flow to realize the size of the steering torque and steering direction. Special valve group ensures that the steering gear in normal steering under different working conditions, The relief valve make the system that when it is instantaneous high pressure protection.
According to the specific situation of ship steering gear configuration configured or the user's requirements.
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