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Lifting Equipment Rental
Ekaship provides an extensive hire fleet of lifting and rigging equipment of all supplied at the highest quality and maintained to the highest standards.
Flexible Rental Period and Terms
Attractive commercial options are available to meet clients' project requirements. These include flexible hire period and terms.  Full technical support and advice is provided to ensure our clients source the optimum equipment suited to their needs.
Lifting equipment available for rental includes but are not limited to:
·         Chain Blocks
·         Pull Lifts
·         Shackles
·         Tirfors
·         ROV Hooks and Shackles
·         Clump Weights
·         Water Bags
Ekaship also stock a wide range of subsea handling equipment including:-
·         Subsea Lever hoists up to 20Te SWL
·         Specialised ROV operable subsea chain hoists up to 20Te SWL.
·         ROV friendly Shackles and Hooks
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