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With more than 10 years experience in maritime industry, Ekahsip is able to supply various life rafts and boats which are the essential goods of ship's life-saving equipment for their simple structure, easy maintenance and operational reliability. Life raft and devit can be served not onlyas security space for victims and passengers, but also a dedicated flood disaster prevention equipment when the ship wrecks. 
Please feel free to contact us if any inquiries on them via sales@ekaship.com. 

We supply life rafts that suitable for a wide range application, from ships engaged in international voyage to small yacht in coastal sailing.
Our inflatable life rafts are in accordance with various international, domestics resolution including SOLAS 96 amendment, MSC.81(70) and its amendment, Life-saving appliance(LSA), HSC, 2000 Sea Fishing Vessels Safe Rules, testing of life-saving appliances. Some series are approved by CCS, ZY, ABS, EC, GL, LR and BV.
We also supply small life rafts meet following ISO standard:
    - ISO 9650-1:2005 Small craft -- Inflatable liferafts -- Part 1: Type I
    - ISO 9650-2:2005 Small craft -- Inflatable liferafts -- Part 2: Type II
    - ISO 9650-3:2009 Small craft -- Inflatable liferafts -- Part 3: Materials
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