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Worldwide, Ekashipprovides a range of versatile spooling machines operated by highly trained and experienced personnel.We could install or exchange your wire rope from diameter of 2mm to 90mm with all kinds of certificates.
·         Spooling/Unspooling of Anchor/Mooring lines
·         A&R Wires
·         Winch Wires
·         Crane Ropes
·         Tow and Work Wires
Ekaship utilizes specially manufactured spooling equipment up to 150T capacity that makes rope changes quick, easy and efficient. Even at short notice, wecan also offer the hire of personnel, providing clients with skilled technicians and engineers to operate spooling equipment in any location.Ekaship’s spooling equipment will automatically spool the deficient wire rope in several compact coils, greatly simplifying transport, storage and recycling of the old rope.
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