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Wire Rope
As a wire rope supplier, we also supply lubricant, provide inspection,installatation, testing service for your wire rope in China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong. Our ropes are extensively used on ships, cranes, mining equipment,and other industries : 
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Acc. to function, wire rope provides hoisting, luffing, lifting, rigging, mooring, lashing etc.
Acc. to use, our wire ropes are used on ship crane, davit, winch, anchor,windlass,etc.

Acc. to construction, wire rope can be catogrized to IWR/IWRC, Fiber Core(FC), Rotation resistant;
Acc. to diameter, we delivered wire rope of 15mm, 28mm,32mm,34mm,64mm,70mm,90mm,etc.
Acc. to material, wire ropes include steel, stainless steel(ss), copper, ungalvanized/galvanized, and plastic covered;
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